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Frequently Asked Questions about Tonneau CoversFrequently Asked Questions

There are many common questions associated with tonneau covers. If you have a question about truck bed covers, please contact us and your question may appear on this page!

Is there drilling involved when installing tonneau covers?

Almost all tonneau covers are no drill applications. Perhaps there are some random manufacturers that make covers that require drilling, but most do not.

Do tonneau covers come with parts for installation?

Yes, typically when you buy a tonneau cover, all hardware needed for installation is included.

Will a tonneau cover fit if I have a bedliner?

Good question. It depends if you have an over-the-rail type bedliner or an under-the-rail type bedliner. If it is an under-the-rail bedliner, yes it will fit without modification. If it is an over-the-rail bedliner, you will have to make modifications to the bedliner (i.e. putting notches in the liner for the tonneau’s clamps), or completely remove the bedliner. This will depend on which type of tonneau cover you would like to install…check with the manufacturer or the retailer.

Will a tonneau cover fit if I have a toolbox installed behind the cab?

Yes, with a standard 20” toolbox. You must buy a tonneau cover made specifically to fit with a toolbox, NOT a standard tonneau cover. Don’t try to buy a standard tonneau and then cut it to fit…you’re asking for trouble!

Will a tonneau cover fit if I have a fifth wheel hitch?

Depends on the type of tonneau cover and the size of the fifth wheel. If the whole fifth wheel apparatus sits low (a couple inches below the top of the bed) then all tonneau covers will fit. If it sticks above the height of the bed, then only certain tonneaus will fit.

Can I open and close my tailgate without undoing or removing the cover?

Yes, with the snap covers and roll up covers. You can’t with Roll-n-Lock and sometimes the Undercover.

How secure is the truck bed if I have a tonneau cover and a tailgate lock?

Not very secure with a soft cover. Someone can easily just unsnap or cut open the vinyl. A hard cover coupled with a lock is completely secure for most hard tonneau covers.

What colors do tonneau covers come in?

Most manufacturers make them in just black. Extang makes some of their tonneau covers in different colors.

Are tonneau covers paintable?

In most cases, no. Definitely not the soft, vinyl covers. Some of the one piece, hard tonneau covers like the Undercover can be painted.