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Truxedo Tonneau CoverStylish Good Looks

One of the biggest reasons for purchasing a tonneau cover is because of the great look you can achieve. Tonneau covers can give your truck bed a sleek, streamlined look quickly and easily. They enhance the appearance of any truck by covering up a sometimes unsightly bed - hiding tools and personal items as well as all of the dings, dents, and scratches that can occurr during normal truck bed use.

Low Profile Tonneau Covers

Most bed cover manufacturers now offer some sort of low profile tonneau cover. Low profile tonneau covers are a great addition to any truck, adding value to your vehicle while you enjoy the many benefits they have to offer. Besides looking awesome and making your truck fun to drive, they improve fuel economy and increase security. Low profile truck bed covers are also quite affordable!

Extang Custom Colored Tonneau CoverCustom Colored Tonneau Covers

Henry Ford was famous for saying, "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." Like the Ford Model T, tonneau covers usually come in only one color - black. However, times have changed and and consumers now demand more choices. Extang answered the call with their line of custom colored tonneau covers. These truck bed covers are available on four different styles in ten different colors. They come complete with matching snaps, binding, and stiching.