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Extang Tonneau CoversAll About Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are one of the best selling automotive accessories available on the market today. Whether you spell it tonneau or tonno, a truck bed cover is a great investment that will provide years of service and enjoyment. However, there seem to be a lot of myths and questions surrounding the tonneau cover. We'll try to debunk some of these myths them here.

Myth #1: Tonneau Covers are Hard to Install

Fact: While most people think that installing a tonneau cover can be a daunting task, most tonneau covers are actually quite easy to install. Almost all tonneau covers can be installed in less than an hour. Some truck bed covers are so easy to install that you can have it installed and on the road within just a few minutes!

Myth #2: Tonneau Covers Don't Save Gas

Fact: While many people debate the pros and cons of installing a tonneau cover in various online forums, one fact is undeniable - truck bed covers save gas. Numerous studies have been conducted that prove that tonneau covers reduce air drag, thus improving gas mileage. When combined with regular vehicle maintenance and good driving practices, a tonneau cover can actually pay for itself over time.

Myth #3: Tonneau Covers are Easy to Break Into

Fact: Soft vinyl tonneau covers only offer as much protection as you would expect. They can be unsnapped, torn, or cut by a thief looking to steal your tools, equipment, or other belongings. While they do prevent criminals from seeing what you have in your bed, a locking tonneau cover affords even greater protection. Locking truck bed covers are much harder and in some cases, almost impossible to break into. Roll-N-Lock makes one of the best secure tonneau covers on the market today.

Myth #4: Tonneau Covers Can't Be Used in Cold Weather

Fact: Well, we hate to prove you wrong, but yes they can use a tonneau cover in cold environments! Tonneau cover technology has improved significantly over the last few years. There are now several tonneau cover choices for people living in colder climates. Chosing the right tonneau cover for a cold weather has never been easier. Extang even makes a soft tonneau cover with adjustable snaps, so you can adjust the tension of the cover as the weather changes.

Myth #5: You Can't Use a Tonneau Cover with a Toolbox

Fact: This statement couldn't be further from the truth - you can use a toolbox with a tonneau cover. These tonneau covers are designed to fit in your truck bed with a standard 20" toolbox. TruXedo now even offers a tonneau cover with a built-in toolbox!

Myth #6: Tonneau Covers are Expensive

Fact: While some tonneau covers can cost well over $1,000, most tonneau covers are quite affordable. The retail prices for most truck bed covers usually hover between $160 and $500. When looking for the best deal on tonneau covers, choose one of our Blue Ribbon Dealers.

Myth #7: Tonneau Cover aren't Cool

Fact: While it can always be a matter of personal opinion, we think that tonneau covers add a lot of style to any pickup truck. There are numereous low profile designs available that will enhance the look of your pickup truck. They give your truck a sleek and streamlined look that is sure to grab lots of attention when crusing down the strip. While it is advisable not to paint your tonneau cover, Extang does offer tonneau covers in several different colors to match the finish of your truck.