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Tonneau Cover ThiefTruck Bed Security

Truck bed covers improve the security of your pickup truck. Remember the old idiom, "out of sight - out of mind"? It may sound simple, but keeping your items hidden underneath a tonneau cover is one of the easiest ways to deter theft. In fact, if you're storing items in the back of a truck without a tonneau cover, you might as well just give your stuff away!

How Tonneau Covers Improve Security

Thieves target pickup trucks because they know that they haul tools and equipment. A tonneau cover reduces your chances of becoming a victim. The main principles behind tonneau cover security are simple:

  1. If a thief doesn't see what you have in the back of your pickup truck, they are less likely to steal it.
  2. A locking tonneau cover is more difficult to break into and usually not worth the time or trouble.

A locking tonneau cover provides extra security against determined thieves. Even though they may not be able to see what's under the cover, they may decide to take a peak anyhow. With a locking tonneau cover, a thief won't be able to get in and see what you have safely tucked away.

Pop & Lock Tailgate LockTailgate Locks for Tonneaus that Don't Lock

If you tonneau cover doesn't have a lock, don't fret! Pop & Lock offers a handy tailgate lock for Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Toyota pickup trucks that will help secure you truck bed when combined with a tonneau cover. These tailgate locks should be used with a hard tonneau cover for maximum security, as a thief can easily cut through a vinyl tonneau cover to gain access to your truck bed.