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What is a Tonneau Cover?

Extang Trifecta FeaturesTruck bed covers, tonneau covers, or even tonno covers (depending on who you talk to) are basically the same thing: they are designed to protect the contents of your truck bed. Tonneau covers have been around for many years, but in the last decade or so, they have really increased in popularity. There are many benefits in owning a tonneau cover, including increased fuel economy, increased truck bed security, and enhanced good looks! Although they are typically an aftermarket accessory, tonneau covers are now being offered as an option on many new vehicles.

Over the last few years, the market has changed dramatically, with several different brands of tonneau covers now available. For many people in the northern states, tonneau covers were almost impossible to use. Thankfully, some manufacturers, such as Extang, have created truck bed covers that have been specifically designed to work well in all types of environments. Newer hard folding tonneau covers, from manufacturers such as Advance, have been engineered to give you more access to your truck bed. Low profile tonneau covers have been developed so that they are virtually invisible when viewed from the side of your truck - giving it a sleek, streamlined look.

Access Original Tonneau CoverQuickly becoming the accessory of choice for truck owners who desire good looks and functionality, tonneau covers combine styling with quality construction for years of use and enjoyment. Tonneau covers are among the best selling truck accessories, Their ease of use, easy installation, and the dramatic change in appearance they create make tonneau covers the perfect "every-man" truck accessory!

Tonneau covers are now available in more than just vinyl, in fact there are a large variety of tonneau cover materials on the market. Whether you're looking for a traditional roll-up vinyl tonneau cover or a modern aluminum fold-up design, you can probably find virtually any style of tonneau cover your mind can imagine.

Increased Fuel Economy

Tonneau covers can potentially increase the fuel economy of a pickup truck by reducing the amount of air drag produced as the truck travels down the highway. According to some studies, truck bed covers can decrease the drag by as much as 10% or more, which results in higher fuel economy. A recent SEMA article discussing the benefits says that installing a tonneau cover on a pickup truck produced some of the best fuel economy results.

Increased Truck Bed Security

Leaving your personal items, tools, or shopping bags in the back of a pickup truck is a sure-fire way to lose those items - unless they are hidden and locked away! All tonneau covers offer affordable protection to cover and hide most cargo in your truck bed and some have lockable options. Locking tonneau covers can prevent passers-by from peeking into the back of your truck bed. Remember the old adage, "out of sight, out of mind"? Well it still works - if a thief can't see what you have, they are more likely to move along.

Enhance the Look of Your Pickup Truck

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people buy tonneau covers for their pickup trucks is for the look. Appearance is everything to some people, and tonneau covers offer an affordable way to greatly enhance that appearance. Instead of having a wide open bed (that is sometimes scratched, dinged, and dented), a tonneau cover can easily hide an unsightly truck bed. Even more so, for show trucks, tonneau covers can really make your truck slick to look at!